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March 19, 2005

Ramada Plaza Hotel

10 East 120th Avenue

I-25 S or N & 120th Ave

Northglenn, Colorado



- Special Thanks go out to Troy Martinez for the following pictures \ results.


- would like to Thank Mr. Keith Schmelzer, Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz, and the entire

  staff at The Fatal Four for their Great Hospitality.


Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz


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Fight 1 - Ed Lynch vs. Curt Barton

Fight 2 - Chris Cisneros vs. Billy Dixon

Fight 3 - Matt Howard vs. Marlon Cenete

Fight 4 - Brad Fox vs. Joey Priester

Fight 5 - Travis Sherman vs. Rodolfo Carrora

Fight 6 - Barbara Nowymi vs. Lindsey Lariabe

Fight 7 - William Trujillo vs. Eric Palldrina

Fight 8 - Grant Hartley vs. Pete Vandervort

Fight 9 - Ted Cano vs. Scott Zufelt

Fight 10 - Vinny Cano vs. Justin Hurtz

Fight 11 - Tom Cook vs. Shad McCarthy

Fight 12 - Kevin Davis vs. Craig Welch

Fight 13 - Mike Justice vs. Clifford Larson

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