Wanderlei Silva

Public Service Message


- Special Thanks go out to Julio Heller for the following (including photographs):


Dear Friends,

Before embarking for Japan this Monday to defend his title in the PRIDE GRAND PRIX 2005, the World-wide

Champion Wanderlei Silva recorded a special message on the Government TV Channel for a campaign

for organ donors that has the main slogan:


"Grant Life, The Best Gift That You Can Leave Is Life"


In the same opportunity, he had the chance to record an interview for the Sports Show of the Government

TV Channel where he spoke about the Event, his opponent, the Japanese Nakamura Kazuhiro and the

opportunity to have a friend of the same Team on the card, Maurício Shogun, that comes very well in the

Event in Japan.


We also photographed the athletes at the International Airport of Curitiba:



Yours truly,

Julio Heller

Marketing Advisor


- With a little editing from us (highlights, etc...)