WBC Women's Rankings

The WBC released rankings for Women's Boxing yesterday, becoming the first major boxing sanctioning

body to do so. You can view the rankings at: www.wbcboxing.com.



Laila Ali: A Historic and Unique Case

AN EXCEPTIONAL EVENT, totally out of the ordinary and unique in professional boxing will take place next

Saturday 11 in Washington, D.C., Capital City of the United States, when boxing fans will have the

opportunity to witness the fight for the World Women’s super middleweight championship (168 pounds)

between Laila Ali and Erin Toughill.


Laila is the favorite and if the odds hold true, she will conquer the championship sanctioned by the World

Boxing Council and will also change the history of boxing, since this lady, considered the very best in

women’s boxing, is the daughter of the very best and greatest boxer that ever existed in men’s boxing:

immortal Muhammad Ali, the undisputable monarch of the heavyweights.


This will be the first case in history that father and daughter conquer a world championship, which is indeed

very special, since Laila is the best female boxer that has ever climbed the ring and the same can be said

about her father, the incomparable Muhammad Ali (WBC).


We must point out as well --and we are pleased to do it-- that this is something happening within the ambit

of the WBC, the most prestigious boxing body that has ever existed in the annals of boxing. There have been

other cases of fathers and sons within the World Boxing Council, like: Gustavo Espadas Sr. and Gustavo

Espadas Jr., in the feather and fly divisions; Leon and Cory Spinks, in heavyweight and welter,



Should Laila win --and all odds favor her—she will be conquering the WBC belt for the second time. The first

one –an honorary one-- was presented to her by our President, Dr. Jose Sulaiman, in Mexico City during

the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the WBC.


Lalia, who has been in professional boxing since 1999, has fought very interesting battles, one of them

against Jacqui Frazier, daughter of “Smoking” Joe; Laila won the bout in which both employed their

respective fathers’ style: Jacqui attacked with her father’s known aggressive style, while Laila used

Muhammad Ali’s classic, elegant style.


Laila Ali, undefeated, is 27 years old. She was born in Miami and now lives in Los Angeles. Her record is: 20

bouts, all victories, 17 KO’s. She is being trained by ex welter champion James BuddyMcGirt.


- Press Releases issued by the WBC with some editing from us (color, highlights, etc...)