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"Hot Summer Fights"

July 8, 2006

Hollywood Park Casino

3883 West Century Blvd.

Inglewood, California



Another Awesome event by promoter extraordinaire Dennis Warner.

Upcoming events:

- California Xtreme Fighting (Mixed Martial Arts) coming up this Saturday (7/15/06) at the Upland Arena.

- Xtreme Muay Thai Challenge coming up in August (8/26/06) - also at the Upland Arena.


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Fight 1 - Kevin Totanes vs. Nicholas Nyugen

Fight 2 - Chris Minor vs. Travis Garlits

Fight 3 - Keri Taylor vs. Geovanna Garibay

Fight 4 - Jared Lara vs. Jason Rzepka

Fight 5 - Gary Wheeler vs. Joe Davidson

Fight 6 - Baxter Humby vs. Hesdy Van Assen

Fight 7 - David Morrow vs. Chris Moorings

Fight 8 - Walter Michalowski vs. Mike Ryan

Fight 9 - Malaipet MTA vs. Youssef Akhnikh


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