Dennis Warner, In Sync Productions, Inc. and Arzni Present

World Championship Muay Thai

"Ultimate Conquest"

Gallery \ Results

September 30, 2006

Hollywood Park Casino

3883 West Century Blvd.

Inglewood, California


Another Awesome event by promoter extraordinaire Dennis Warner.


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Fight 1 - Freddie Medrano vs. Prudencio Portillo

Fight 2 - Fabrizio Bergamini vs. Harris Norwood

Fight 3 - Glen Spencer vs. Daniel Gutierrez

Fight 4 - Artem Sharoshkin vs. Chris Minor

Fight 5 - Manson Gibson vs. Lee Kai

Fight 6 - Travis Garlits vs. Vishnu Gulati

Fight 7 - Joe Schilling vs. Lawson Baker

Fight 8 - Baxter Humby vs. Douglas Edwards

Fight 9 - Neil Chatchaiyan vs. Laurence Madariaga

Fight 10 - Malaipet MTA vs. Le Feng Chen

Fight 11 - Michael Mananquil vs. Danny Steele



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